Solar Pane for Security Camera
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  • Air ProSolar Pane for Security Camera
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  • Air ProSolar Pane for Security Camera

Solar Pane for Security Camera

CTC Connexions is a leading manufacturer for Solar Panels with extensive experience. This Solar Panel is specifically designed for outdoor security camera. We have been devoting ourselves for high quality products and best customer service. All the products are produced under ISO9001 quality management system and 100% inspected before shipment. CTC Connexions will be your trusted long-term cooperated manufacturer in China.

Model:Solar Panel power for wire free camera

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Product Description

Solar Panels


1.Product Introduction of the Solar Panels

 This solar panel is specifically designed for outdoor security camera, with outdoor mount bracket for wire-free security cameras. Both the Solar Panel and long USB charging cable are weatherproof so you can count on your Solar Panel day in, day out, rain or shine. The mount bracket allows you to easily adjust the solar panels angle to maximize exposure to sunlight.

The included 10ft (3m) cable gives you the flexibility to pick the best spot for the Solar Panel to get the most sunlight and still reach the Smart Security Camera.



2.Product Parameter (Specification) of the  Solar Panels

Peak Power

3 Watts

Nominal Voltage

5 V

Voltage at Max Power (Vmp)

5.1 V

Current at Max Power (Imp)

550 mA

Module Efficiency  



155mmX175mmX 25mm

Cables Length

10 ft (3M)

Operating Temperature Range

-30 to +85 (-86F to 185F)



3.Product Feature And Application of the Solar Panels



CTC Connexions Portable Solar Panel offers 3W power output along with high-efficient materials to ensure reliable performance even in the long run. It's ideal for outdoor to keep your wireless camera getting power from the sun.


The camera Solar Panel weatherproof design can withstand snow, storms, rain and other rough weather conditions. Weather-resistant materials making it perfect for outdoor camera use.

The solar panel comesw with 360 degree swivel, 90-degree tilt adjustable wall mount. This lets you always follow the sun and make it the optimum performance.

The included long10ft power cord allows flexible installation with maximal sun light exposure.



4.Product Details of the Solar Panels


Long USB cable for Solar Pane l  Adjustable bracket lets you follow the sun.


5.Product Qualification of the Solar Panels

ISO9001-2015 Certificate

Meet Reach and RoHS Standard


6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the Solar Panels

Fast and on-time shipping. Lead time can be shorten to 20days. Online customer service to support all your inquiry or questions. 2 years quality warranty for your worry-free purchase and usage.




7. FAQ


Do I need a South-facing roof for Solar Panels?

Solar Panels work well on any roof facing South, SE or SW. Although your Solar Panels will perform better and produce more electricity if they are South facing, they will still perform at 86% (compared to South facing) either facing due East or West.



How do Solar Panels connect to the electrical supply in my home?

The electricity produced by your Solar Panels is converted from DC (direct current) by the inverter to AC (alternating current), which your home is run on. The electricity is then taken from the inverter via an AC cable to your distribution board, where it is used to power the circuits in your home.

Will my Solar Panels work when there is a power cut?

If there is a power cut your inverter will switch off, which stops any generation from your Solar Panels entering the property. This is a safety feature to protect workers who may be repairing the grid. However, we can install a back-up system which will enable you to use your solar energy in a power cut.

Do I need constant sunshine for my Solar Panels to work?

No, Solar Panels work in all daylight conditions and actually work at their optimum at 10ºc. In fact, if it gets too hot they start to become increasingly inefficient.

Do Solar Panels need cleaning?

Solar panels are generally self-cleaning if positioned at an angle of over 15 degrees. However it is advised to visually inspect them annually and rinse if necessary. Most window-cleaning companies have a reach-and-wash system and should be able to clean your panels.


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