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  • This AC Charging EV Charger is US Type Level 2 EV Charger 32A for Home Electric Vehicle.

  • CTC Connexions Coaxial Speaker Cable quickly connects your Smartphone,Pad, MP3 player, tablet, or other portable audio device with a 3.5mm audio jack (e.g. headphone jack) to the AUX-in port of your car stereo, portable speaker, or other compatible audio-output device. 

  • The normally weak turntable signal will be amplified to be compatible with the AUX input (350mv). The Phono Preamp for Turntable can be used to convert most AUX inputs normally found on audio amplifiers and mini sound systems. It is a necessary component for the transfer of vinyl records to CDs using a computer's CD burner (specific software may be required for this application).

  • RG6 Jumper Cable F-Type Connector Easy Cable Handling – The Design copper core and flexible outer jacket significantly reduces the rigidity and stiffness of the cable in all weathers. Easy Cable Handling – The Result This construction provides the user with an improved experience in cable handling, use and storage as the cable will no longer maintain its stiff wound shape. Weatherproof Construction Over molded connectors and internal connector O Rings make the cable ideal for outdoor applications.

  • The Powerful mobile Wi-Fi solutions designed to provide un-compromised internet connectivity. Stay Connected wherever your adventure takes you! The Roam Mobile 3G/4G Wi-Fi Products includes the reliable 3G/4G WiFi Router, a Powerful Antenna & a Fixing Bracket.

  • CTC Connexions Escable Edition 10000mAh Power Bank QC3.0 30W Quick Charge *Huge Capacity: 10000 mAh 10,000mAh portable charger provides 2-3 times of full charge for the mobile phones. Great for business, travel, going out, you don't have to worry about low battery power.