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What should we do if your car battery drain? Just bring an Emergency booster cable.


What should we do if your car battery drain?

Just bring an Emergency booster cable along with 12V Power bank.


Regardless of whether it is an EV or a petrol car, power loss is an inevitable problem for vehicles. Especially if the vehicle is stopped for a long time, the battery will be in a "sleep" state of slow discharge, causing the small battery to lose power.

Car battery jump-starters and chargers are dense little storage bins for electrical energy, and many come with useful built-in accessories. They'll recharge with standard Start extension cords, wall-plug adapters, USB ports in running vehicles or cigarette lighter-style 12-volt male adapters. Most portable battery jump starter options offer some combination of the four recharge options.

Emergency treatment


Batteries are an indispensable part of new energy vehicles. If the battery loses power, the car will not start normally. I will teach you some emergency measures.

First aid

Borrow a good working car

Find the positive and negative poles of the two car batteries

First connect the positive poles of the two cars with a red wire

Then connect the negative poles of the two cars with a black wire

After its connected, the car will start.


Emergency Power Supply Act

Use the special emergency power bank provided in the car

Connect to the battery of the vehicle

Clamp the charger clip on the connection post

Press the power bank switch to start the vehicle



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