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Market research: Will the optical HDMI cable replace the existing copper HDMI ?


Market research: Will the optical HDMI cable replace the existing copper HDMI ?


Since the birth of the HDMI standard, the copper-core HDMI cable has achieved effective transmission of audio and video signals with its excellent performance. However, due to the limitation of the material performance of the copper core, silver-plated copper HDMI cables have appeared in the subsequent development process, even pure Silver HDMI cable, and in the continuous changes of HDMI cable transmission carrier, the HDMI high-definition cable with optical fiber as the carrier suddenly became popular, especially after the release of the HDMI2.1 standard (currently 23 major manufacturers have received HDMI2 .1 certification), due to the fact that the length of the certification passed by the manufacturer is too short, the optical fiber HDMI cable hits again. So, during the transition from copper core HDMI cable to optical HDMI cable, what are the advantages of optical HDMI cable? What is the probability that it will replace the copper core HDMI cable in the future? What do you want to know the most about optical HDMI? Is it really that simple?


What is the future of optical HDMI ?

With the advent of the 5G+8K era, the display screen has evolved from 4K to 8K, and the requirements for ultra-high-definition transmission have become higher and higher. The so-called good horse is equipped with a good saddle, and if you purchase expensive playback and display equipment, you must choose a matching transmission cable to achieve the best results. Due to its small size, lighter weight, softer, long-distance 500-meter lossless transmission, optical fiber HDMI cable is free from external electromagnetic interference and its 18Gbps ultra-high-speed bandwidth, which brings better choices and opportunities for various application scenarios.


According to the information we have obtained, the HDMI Association is improving the Premium HDMI cable specification version and adding AOC photoelectric composite cable certification. It is expected to complete and add to the ActiveHDMI Cable Premium HDMI cable certification program. Currently, it is active HDMI cables have been added as part of the Premium HDMI cable certification program. The HDMI Association allows testing of active cables to ensure that they can fully support the 18GBS bandwidth, and have low EMI to minimize wireless signal interference. This time the perfect AOC photoelectric composite The certification of cables will enable the full range of HDMI cables to fully meet the needs of various medium-high and low-level application scenarios in the market. It is expected that the demand for HDMI optical fiber cables will increase exponentially by then.