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Will the fast charger damage the battery?


Will the fast charger damage the battery?



In recent years, the development of mobile phones has become more rapid, and the charging is also constantly improving, from the development of ordinary chargers to all kinds of fast charging and flash charging, but the use of chargers has always been a common phenomenon in China, but the chargers can really be used indiscriminately. Is it?



From the perspective of the charging plug, the fast charging principle of fast charging and flash charging is the same, but the methods are different. Among them, the common fast charging is to increase the charging power of the mobile phone by increasing the charging voltage image, so that it can be Reduce the time for mobile phone charging, most mobile phones use this technology. However, flash charging uses low voltage and high current to speed up the charging speed of the mobile phone. Therefore, the plugs of these two chargers should not be used indiscriminately. If they are used incorrectly, the battery will be damaged to a certain extent.



Judging from the earliest data cable of the trapezoidal socket, it can only withstand 3A theoretically, and it will generate heat if it exceeds 2A, so the maximum fast charge of the trapezoidal socket is only 9V/2A, so special attention should be paid to some very thin charging Although the socket of this charging cable is also trapezoidal, it cannot be used for fast charging, it is easy to overheat, and it is not good for mobile phone batteries. Relatively speaking, the TYPE-C data cable can withstand a maximum current of 5A, and the maximum voltage is also increased. At 20V, the safety is much higher.



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