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Is it necessary to choose the HDMI Cable Length?


Is it necessary to choose the HDMI Cable Length?

There is no clear limit for HDMI Cable Length. The HDMI organization itself shows that the HDMI signal can be transmitted over 300 feet.


It really sound like nothing to choose the right HDMI Cable Length.But actually it is crucial to choose the right wire length while we want the HDMI cable transmits digital data with any best quality or no signal.

However, with some other cable types (like the coax cable), most HDMI cables are using coax cable technology. On the one hand, it allows an affordable high-speed digital data connection, but on the other hand, it limits the maximum HDMI cable length.

However, in fact, most wires provide a standard twisted-pair copper structure. Due to its signal attenuation, the usable length is limited. The length of 35 feet is more or less depending on the construction quality of the wire and its Conductive material.

You keep 2 points in mind:

1. The longer HDMI Cable is usually more susceptible to interference from Home Appliances.

2. The longer HDMI Cable is much more expensive as it needs better shielding, better components.

Tip: When choosing your HDMI cable, make sure it has the ideal length for your requirements, ie as short as possible and it is suggested no longer than 35 feet.

Then, you can save money and get a good performance while you choose the right HDMI Cable Length.