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3 charging methods for Electric Vehicles


3 charging methods for Electric Vehicles



House EV Charger (very slow charging)

Slow EV Charging Pile (slow charge)

Fast EV Charging Pile (fast charge)


1、House EV Charger


  House EV Charger is also called Portable EV Charger. It is the slowest way of EV Charging. You can use the House EV Charger that comes with the car to connect to an ordinary household socket for charging. This is a very convenient way of charging, as long as you can find a socket. The CTC Connexions Level2 Portable EV Charger is 3.8KW.

2、Slow EV Charging Pile

 Use an AC charging pile for charging of 7KW usually.


3、Fast EV Charging Pile

Use an DC charging pile for charging from 30KW to 100KW usually.