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What kind of Power Banks be carried on airplanes?


What kind of Power Banks can be carried on airplanes?


CTC Connexions is a professional manufacturer of portable Power banks. Can the power banks be carried on airplanes? Let's find out together.

Most of the National Civil Aviation Administration of China stipulates that the rated energy is less than or equal to 100W and can be carried with you, but not checked. If the power bank is rated to exceed 100Wh but not more than 160Wh, it can be carried only after approval by the airline, but each passenger shall not carry more than two power banks .


So how do you judge whether the Power bank can be carried on the phone?


The rated energy Wh (watt hour) is directly marked on the power bank


1. Rated energy ≤100Wh does not require airline approval


2.100Wh<Rated energy≤160wh can only be carried after approved by the airline.


3. The rated energy is not marked, and the rated energy cannot be calculated by other marked parameters at the same time. It is strictly forbidden to carry it.


4. Rated energy>160Wh is strictly prohibited to carry


The rated energy Wh is not directly marked on the power bank


 If the power bank is marked with voltage (V) and capacity ampere hour (Ah), the value of the rated energy can be obtained by calculation: Wh=V×Ah

 If only milliampere ("Ah) is marked on the power bank, divide the value by 1000 to get ampere hour (Ah).

CTC Connexions 10000 mAh Power bank is 10000aAh *3.7V= 37WH

You can freely take CTC Power bank belong with you by air.