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FAQ on CTC Connexions CCTV Cable


FAQ on CTC Connexions CCTV Cable


1.Q:Can the  CCTV Cable be run underground to outdoor location without conduit?

A: It's recommended to use a conduit if you are burying the cable.

2.Q:How long will CCTV Cable last out in elements?

A:It all depends on the conditions if you are planning to run a cable outdoors its recommended to use an outdoor conduit.

3.Q:Can you make sure this wire work with an SDI camera?

A:Yes for any Cameras with BNC.

4.Q:How far can CCTV signals run through these cables?

A:It can reach to 360ft the longest.

5.Q:Can you get 4K resolution over this CCTV Cable?

A:Yes, it does support 4K resolution HD Analog Cameras, including AHD,CVI,TVI Cameras,the CCTV Cable  is also called BNC Video Power Cable or CCTV Extension Cable.