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USB3.1 interface and Type-C


USB3.1 interface and Type-C


USB Type-C (USB-C for short), it has a brand-new interface size and a slightly cool name, it is very easy to make friends who hear this term think that this is a new USB standard, but it is not . Type-C is only part of the USB 3.1 standard, not a new standard.


The birth of Type-C is not long ago. At the end of 2013, the rendering of the Type-C connector came out, and it was already done in the USB 3.1 standard in 2014. It is a specification for a new type of USB cable and connector, and a whole new set of USB physical specifications.


The USB interface is very confusing. The bigger ones are 2.0, 3.0, and the current USB3.1. The smaller ones have more branches. In the industry, the USB2.0 interface is black, and the USB3.0 interface is made blue.


As for the color of USB3.1, there is no consensus yet, but ASUS has launched a motherboard equipped with Type-A USB3.1 interface, and the interface color is blue-green. Although the USB Association did not specify the color of USB3.1, it will be inevitable to distinguish by color.


So, what is the relationship between USB3.1 and Type-C interface? The Type-C specification is formulated in accordance with the USB3.1 standard, so USB3.1 can be made into Type-C, Type-A and other types, but Type-C is not equal to USB3.1.