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Bring a Jumper Cable and a power bank which can help you to start the car engine in emergency


Sometimes you just need a Jumper Cable and a power bank while you cant start the car engine



There may be problems at any time during driving. For example, the air conditioner can't catch fire when it is turned on too hard, or there is not enough electricity. You just need an emergency Jumper cable and a power bank to start your engine.


Bold inner core, safe to use electricity, anti-freezing and anti-cracking, full-holstered insulated handle, safe to use.

 No matter how good the car is, there will be a strike. When no one asks for help, how to do if there is no one to ask for help. Carry this emergency starter with the car, start quickly, and the diesel car will do both, making your car travel worry-free.


Multifunctional power bank lighter, easy to carry, powerful, small body and big energy