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Solar Panel LED for outdoor WiFi Camera



               Solar Panel LED light for Outdoor Camera

Solar energy is an inexhaustible renewable green energy source, solar lights, dont worry about expensive electricity, dont worry about not being bright enough! Power saving experts can give you unexpected surprises!

At this time, we can install a set of home security + Solar Panel lighting in the home together?


The working principle of the solar low-power monitoring camera: the solar low-power wireless camera is composed of a battery, a solar panel, a wireless camera and a target detection device, and is characterized in that a battery is arranged between the battery and the wireless camera Power control circuit. The target detection device is composed of an infrared receiver. The infrared receiver includes an infrared receiving tube and a signal amplifying circuit connected to the infrared receiving tube. The signal amplifying circuit is connected to the infrared receiver. The battery power control circuit. When there is no target in the monitoring area, the battery power control circuit is disconnected and the wireless camera is in a dormant state. When a target appears in the monitoring area, the infrared receiver generates a signal, and the signal amplifying circuit triggers the battery power control circuit and causes it to conduct. Connect, the wireless camera works and starts to send signals.


Advantages of  Solar Panel surveillance cameras: In the design of embedded systems, low-power design is widely used in portable and mobile products, and these products do not always have sufficient power supply. Often It is powered by batteries, so our low-power camera considers every detail to reduce power consumption so as to extend the battery life as much as possible.

1. Applicable to a wide range of installation environments:

 it can be monitored in the wild without electricity (rural roads, farmhouses, villas, fish ponds, orchards, construction sites, mines, etc.).


2. Low power consumption: 

When someone passes by within 5-8 meters of the camera's exposure range.

 the camera will wake up within 1 second, live real-time recording, and send an alarm to the mobile app to actively push the alarm information to the user. When no one passes by, the camera is in standby mode and consumes low power.

3. Dual power supply: The solar camera uses two-way power supply from solar panels and batteries.

 At night, the battery is powered and the solar panel charges the battery at night. So as to achieve circulating power supply.


Solar low-power surveillance camera-home security-product features:

1. Concealed defense: make the intruder unknowingly alarm.

2. Complete defense capabilities:

Clear video, wide visual angle, and night vision capability.

3. Good anti-interference characteristics:

 When insects or small animals pass the camera, they cannot completely block the defensive beam, so no false alarm will be generated.

4. Excellent remote transmission:

You can watch and operate all the monitoring screens at home through a mobile phone or computer in a remote place.

5. Excellent alarm function:

When someone breaks into the monitoring zone, the system will automatically call, send reminders, and give the designated mobile phone user. After receiving the alarm call and information, the remote user can check the monitoring screen through the Internet mobile phone or tablet, and start at the same time Mobile phone video recording function and handle alarm situations.

6. Simple installation method:

No special person is required to install it, download the app and install it according to the steps without installation cost.

7 Alarm system:

PIR human body detection + radar sensing, if someone is within the alarm range, the system will make a call or send a reminder message through the mobile phone, so that the thief has nowhere to hide.

Although we now say that people will be responsible for the public security in rural areas, but it is still unwilling to happen when someone encounters a burglar and affects personal and property safety. Rural families may not be able to prevent such cases, but if you install a solar home security product in your home, if you really encounter such things as burglary, we have a greater chance of catching the bad guys. So from another point of view, the use of home security products is still very necessary!