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Choose CAT6 or CAT5E Cables for the PoE Switches ?


Choose CAT6 or CAT5E Cables for the PoE Switches ?

The POE switch is inseparable from the network cable in the process of power supply, so how should the network cable be selected?


The network cable must be connected to the network cable according to the 568A or 568B standard, 8 cables must be connected, and the length is required to be within 100 meters. The better the quality of the network cable, the higher the stability of the transmission, at least a CAT5E cable, if the budget is sufficient, you can choose a CAT6 cable with longer transmission distance and better effect.








The Cat5e cable has the advantages of low attenuation, less crosstalk, higher attenuation crosstalk ratio and signal-to-noise ratio, and smaller delay error. Category 5e cables are mainly used for Gigabit Ethernet.






The transmission frequency of this type of cable is 1MHz ~ 250MHz, and the comprehensive attenuation crosstalk ratio of the Category 6 line system at 2000mhz has a large margin, which provides twice the bandwidth of the Super Category 5. The transmission performance of Category 6 cabling is much higher than that of Category 5 cabling, and is most suitable for applications with a transmission rate higher than 1Gbps.





Important differences between the super five and six lines


Category 6 lines have improved performance in crosstalk and return loss. For a new generation of duplex high-speed network applications, excellent return loss performance is very important. At the same time, the basic link model is cancelled in the six types of standards, and the star topology is adopted for the unlimited standards. The permanent link length of the wiring distance must not exceed 90 meters, and the channel length must not exceed 100 meters.




Should POE switches choose network cables? POE switches should choose network cables.


To achieve a good PoE power supply effect, it is generally recommended to use Category 5 network cables, Category 5 super network cables, and Category 6 network cables. The internal material of the network cable is also very important. Do not use any aluminum wire, copper-clad aluminum wire, copper-clad iron wire, iron core wire, etc., it is best to use pure copper wire.




There are basically logos on the network cables. The logo for Category 5 cables is "CAT5", the logo for Category Super 5 cables is "CAT5E", and the logo for Category 6 cables is "CAT6". The later the better. In addition, the characters printed on the plastic sheath of the real Category 5 line are very clear, smooth, and basically not jagged. The printing quality of the fake handwriting is poor, some fonts are unclear, and some are severely jagged.