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Connexions Technology unveiled new products at CES2021 online show


Connexions Technology unveiled new products at CES2021 online show

On January 11th, US time, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held as scheduled.  The epidemic situation is still severe, in order to support the global anti-epidemic action, CES 2021 will change the offline exhibition since its establishment in 1967, and for the first time hold an online "cloud exhibition" in the form of  "all digital experience" .  According to CES officials, there are still 1,000 exhibitors and estimated 150,000 participants this year. 5G communications, 8K TVs, robots, VR, AR and drones will be the direction of the future.


From Samsung, LG, Sony to Lenovo and Dell, major technology giants have launched their "muscles" at the online show. As a leading industrial cable and smart electronic product company, Connexions Technology has also brought new products and solutions.  The portable car charger produced by Connexions made its debut in the world.  In addition, Connexions will also display 4K DP data cables on line and a 30W fast charging power bank series developed for mobile phone users.

Portable car charger series products

When new energy vehicles are becoming more and more popular due to the influence of policies, many people start to consider pure electric vehicles when changing cars. The biggest concern of pure electric vehicles is battery life and charging.

 At present, battery life gradually meets daily needs with technological progress, but the charging problem is not so convenient. There are three main ways to charge electric vehicles. One is to use public charging piles, the other is to install household charging piles in private parking spaces, and the third is to directly use household portable charger.

 However, when charging with public charging piles at this stage, car owners have to face the problems of long waiting time for charging and trouble finding charging piles.  In addition, some residential properties do not allow home charging piles to be installed, and if you travel far away, home charging piles cannot be taken with you.  Therefore, a portable car charging gun for household use has become a reasonable choice, and the portable charging gun carried with the car is very popular in the market.