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ABS Plastic Introduction


ABS Plastic Introduction


ABS Plastic Molding Material is an Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Copolymer. As one of the plastics with very superior comprehensive performance, ABS is continuously expanding its market applications.


1.ABS Physical Properties




ABS is a light yellow granular or bead-like opaque resin, non-toxic, odorless, low water absorption, and has good comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, such as excellent electrical properties, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, chemical resistance and surface gloss, etc. And easy to process and shape. The disadvantages are weather resistance, poor heat resistance, and flammability.




2. ABS Plastic mechanical properties




ABS Plastic Molding Material has excellent mechanical properties, excellent impact strength, and can be used at extremely low temperatures; ABS has excellent wear resistance, good dimensional stability, and oil resistance, and can be used for bearings under medium loads and speeds. The creep resistance of ABS is larger than PSF and PC, but smaller than PA and POM. The flexural strength and compressive strength of ABS are inferior among plastics. The mechanical properties of ABS are greatly affected by temperature.




3. Application range of ABS Plastic Material




High-gloss ABS Plastic Molding Material is used for Vacuum Cleaners Electric Fans  Air Conditioners, Telephones and other Home Appliances. It is achieved by controlling the Rubber particle size R+ (smaller) in ABS. Low-gloss ABS is used for dashboards, instrument covers, pillars and other automotive interiors. For parts, use the method of filling and thickening to make the surface microscopically shrink and reduce the surface gloss.