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Materials for RCA Audio Cable


Materials for RCA Audio Cable

1. Conductor Material for RCA Audio Cable

A. Single crystal copper: suitable for those who like low frequency, generally need to combine with copper conductor to use better.

B. Silver-plated copper: It is still a good choice if the design and production process are proper. But the price is relatively high, if the production is not handled properly, the effect will not be good.

C. Copper conductor: It can fully meet the requirements of audio.

D. Copper-clad Aluminum: suitable for low and medium-grade audio modification. This material does not stretch well and is easy to break, so it is best not to use such a material as the center conductor.

E. Copper Clad Steel: If you use this as a conductor sound effect, it will be rubbish, and it is used in countries where household appliances are very low-end.

2. Insulation Material for RCA Audio Cable


A. Foamed PE: the best insulation material, the least loss of audio transmission effect. However, the production process is relatively difficult, and the general production plant equipment cannot meet the production needs.

B. Teflon insulation: The effect is about 10% better than PE and PP, but the price is more than 10 times higher. The production requires special equipment, so it is not commonly used by people.

C. PE, PP insulation: the most suitable insulation material, the effect is many times better than that of PVC, and the production is more convenient, so it is the best choice.

D. PVC insulation: As an ordinary audio cable, it is widely used.

3. Shielding Material for RCA Audio Cable

A. Tinned wire: the most ideal and suitable material, because it can have a good shielding effect, and tin plating can play a role in preventing oxidation.

B. Silver-plated wire: This material can only be said to have the effect of commercial promotion. In terms of shielding effect, there is no difference between copper wire and tin-plated copper wire. The key is the density of the process weaving. Of course, the denser the shielding effect, the better.

C. Copper-clad aluminum, copper wire: commonly used materials, which can meet the requirements of general modification with good results.

D. Aluminum foil: the most commonly used material, which can meet the requirements of general modification.

4. Sheath Material for RCA Audio Cable

A. Elastomer sheath: It can be used when the wire needs to be softer.

B. PVC sheath: can meet all modification needs.