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5 Common Connectors for Coaxial Cables


5 Common Connectors for Coaxial Cables


There are many types of Coaxial Connectors for Coaxial Cables on the market.


How should they be used together? Because the number is too large, it may take a lot of effort to explain them one by one. Here is a brief introduction to the 5 most commonly used styles: F type BNC MCX SMA RCA for for Coaxial Cables. The Connectors of the above styles "fit" with each other in the form of male/female and plug/jack. It may be a male or female plug, or a male or female jack. Male and female are also often referred to as polarity.


Type F


The standard Coaxial Cable Connector most commonly used for cable TV or Internet connections.




BNC= Bayonet Neil-Concelman


The bayonet type is suitable for quick twist-on connection.


RCA-The Connector was designed by Radio Corporation of America

It is commonly used as Audio & Video Connector.


Micro Coaxial Connectors



SMA- This style is the threaded version of the SMB or SMC connector



SMA Connectors are not related to SMB and SMC, because the latter is a snap-in connection. In addition, although it is very similar to the F type, the SMA and the F type are not related. The difference between the two is mainly the maximum frequency and size.


All the above Connectors can be pre made with the Coaxial Cables.