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CAT7 vs CAT6A Cable 2021


CAT7 vs CAT6A Cable 2021


CAT7 & CAT6A Cables are more and more popular in our daily life though many people still use CAT5 & CAT5E Cables. What are the differences between CAT7 & CAT6A Cable?


1. CAT6A Cable

CAT6A Cable has 500MHz transmission frequency, which is twice that of CAT6 Cable.

It is mainly used for 10 Gigabit (10G) networks. The outer skin is marked with "CAT6A". In addition, CAT6A Cables support 10G Ethernet, and they will have 10Gigabit in appearance. Similar to the logo.

2. CAT7 Cable


The performance of CAT7 cable is close to that of CAT6A Cable.

 It adopts pure copper 8-core and has a shielding layer. The performance is more powerful, and the transmission rate can reach 10Gbps. It is used in Data Centers and other occasions.


Each pair has a shielding layer (usually metal foil shielding), and then there is a shielding layer (usually metal braided wire mesh shielding Braided Shield) outside the 8 cores, and the interface is the same as RJ-45. Total shielding + wire-pair shielding (usually metal foil shielding), CAT7 Cable S/FTP Cat.7 (HSYVP-7) The highest transmission frequency is 600MHz, the transmission frequency of Super CAT7 Cable is 1000MHz, and CAT7 fully supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet.