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CAT5 vs CAT6 vs CAT7


CAT5 vs CAT6 vs CAT7

There are 10 Categories Ethernet Cables.

They are CAT1 CAT2 CAT3 CAT4 CAT5 CAT5E CAT6 CAT6E CAT7 CAT8 Cables.

Let’s learn about the CAT5 CAT5E CAT6 CAT6E CAT7 Cables together.

1.     CAT5

The CAT5 Cables are the most common Ethernet Cable used in our daily life.

It is used a lot for 100BASE-T &10BASE-T networks. It can transmit Max. speed of 100Mbps data or audio.

2.     CAT5E

The CAT5E Cables are upgraded version with lower attenuation, less crosstalk, higher attenuation to crosstalk ratio (ACR) and Structural Return Loss, smaller delay error, and performance is greatly improved. It is used for Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps).


3.     CAT6

The CAT6 Cables come with transmission frequency 1MHz~250MHz, and the comprehensive attenuation crosstalk ratio (PS-ACR) of CAT6 wiring system at 200MHz should have a large margin, which provides twice the bandwidth of CAT5E. The transmission performance of CAT6 cabling is much higher than the CAT5E standard, and is most suitable for applications with a transmission rate higher than 1Gbps. It is mainly used in Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.

4.     CAT6E

CAT6E is an improved version of CAT6. It is also an unshielded twisted pair cable specified in ANSI/EIA/TIA-568B.2 and ISO 6/E level standards. It is mainly used in gigabit networks. In terms of transmission frequency, it is also 200-250 MHz like CAT6, and the Max. transmission speed can also reach 1 000 Mbps, but it is greatly improved in terms of crosstalk, attenuation and signal-to-noise ratio.

5.     CAT7

The CAT7 Cable is the latest twisted pair in the ISO CAT7/F standard. It is mainly used to adapt to the application and development of 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology. But it is no longer a kind of unshielded twisted pair, but a shielded twisted pair, so its transmission frequency can reach at least 500 MHz, which is more than twice that of CAT6 and CAT6E Cables Up to 10Gbps. There are also two main connection methods: straight-through Cables and Crossover Cables.