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How to identify CCA Cables?


How to identify CCA Cables?

Here we’d like to introduce 3 easy ways to detect fake and inferior Cable products.

1.    We can check whether it is a CCA cable by measuring the weight of the Cable Box.

Because aluminum is lighter than copper, CCA Cable boxes are often significantly lighter than corresponding all-copper cables.

However, CCA Cable suppliers all understand this. According to installers, they found "ballasts" in the wiring box, the purpose of which is to make people feel that CCA Cables are as heavy as full copper cables. In addition,

Some CCAs whose weight is similar to that of all copper cables are heavier.

2. There is another more effective way to identify CCA.

We can cut a section of the Cable, expose the conductor, and then scrape the conductor with a knife to remove the Copper surface. It means that it contains aluminum If the surface layer is silvery white.

3.    To test the Cables with Fluke Networks Versiv DSX Cable Analyzer.

DSX-5000 is designed to improve the certification efficiency of testing Class 6A and FA copper. When testing the CCA Cable and also measuring the DC resistance imbalance, Fluke Networks found that the DC resistance imbalance was clearly beyond the specified range.

The resistance imbalance measurement confirms that the two wires in a pair of wires have equal resistance, and therefore, will carry the same amount of current in a PoE application. As can be seen from the following example, the resistance imbalance limit of each pair of wires will be calculated based on the loop resistance measured on a pair of wires.