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How can the EV Chargers work at home?


How can the EV Chargers work at home?

In fact, EV can be charged directly on the family's 220V circuit, and the misunderstanding that charging must be used to charge is completely attributed to the one-sided publicity of traditional Car Dealers.

The reason why EV need to be charged with charging piles is that the chargers equipped with EV are relatively slow to charge, while the amount of electricity required to charge a new energy vehicle is relatively large, about 18 degrees. The EV Charger that the car is equipped with is relatively small, about 10 hours of charging, but the advantage of this charging is that it does not damage the battery and the TV has a longer service life.

 However, there are also 3.3KW household Portable EV Chargers in the market. These chargers can be used in household 220V circuits, and the charging time can be shortened to 5 hours. Of course, you should choose a large brand and high-safety product to equip your own charger.

If the home has a garage or parking conditions permit, it is the most convenient and cost-effective to charge at home. The charging station is a high-current and high-voltage fast charging mode. The charging time is short but it has an impact on the battery life. The home charging is a low-voltage slow charging mode, which uses a small current. Although the time is long, it is beneficial to the battery life.

 The maximum current carried by 220V household electricity is 16A, and the maximum charging power is 220V*16A=3.5KW, which means that the charging power in the household circuit can be increased, but it cannot be higher than 3.5kw.

When purchasing an electric car charging gun, first consider safety. When purchasing a portable electric car charger, consumers must choose a product with a well-known brand and a good reputation to avoid damage to the battery or cause safety hazards.

 As a reference: Generally, the capacity of small and medium-sized Electric Vehicles is fully charged and can hold 18 kilowatt-hours of electricity. If it is full in 6 hours. Then it is equal to 18/6=3 kilowatts. It is equivalent to the power consumption of a vertical air conditioner.