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Robot Cable vs Manipulator Cable


Robot Cable vs Manipulator Cable

What is the difference between a Robot Cable and a Manipulator Cable? Are they all cables used by machines?

Robot Cables can be divided into two types: one is Power Cable and the other is Encoder Cable

The range of the Manipulator Cable is a bit large, mainly used for manipulator control, power supply and so on.

In fact, the Manipulator Cable and the Robot Cable have certain similarities. They both have the soft characteristics and wear resistance of Flexible Cables, and they are all Moving Drag Chain Cables.

So what is the difference with the instrument Hand Cable? The drag Chain Cable is a fixed-stroke Cable movement, but the number of movements is faster than that of the robot, usually reaching tens of millions of times. However, the requirements of the robot are more stringent and require more precise cable control. The Robot Cable is more reliable. The 360 degree Cable twist can be used normally, which is the essential difference from Drag Chain Cable. Due to the different functions, the materials and process methods used by the two are different, so there are essential differences between them.