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UL Cables II


UL Cables

I. Home Lighting Wiring

1. Purpose: Use high-purity OFC oxygen-free copper to provide efficient, safe and stable power transmission for lighting electrical products, creating an efficient, comfortable, safe, economical and beneficial lighting environment.

2. Main products and models: SPT-1 SPT-2

II. LED Lighting Wiring

1.     Purpose: LED light source is considered a new type of light source. It has the advantages of low-voltage power supply, low energy consumption, strong applicability, high stability, short response time, no pollution to the environment, and multi-color light.

III. Electrical plug and Power Cord:

The Power plug and Power Cord comply with 3C certification, European VDE and American UL certification.

We can customize any kind of SPT-1 SPT-2 Power Cables, Coaxial Cables.