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Application & Classification for the UL Cables 2

Cable generally refers to insulated cables. It can be defined as: an assembly composed of the following parts, one or more insulated cores, and their respective possible coating layers, total protective layer and outer protective layer. The Cables may also have additional conductors without insulation.

III.           Cable Harness

1. Purpose: Used for internal Cable Harness for PC, Printer, Game product, etc.

2. Main products and models: PVC insulated cable: UL2464

IV.             FFC/FPC Cables

1. Purpose: Flexible, Flat: saving space, high-speed transmission, used in the internal Wiring of Digital Home Appliances and Computers.

2. Main products and models

UL2468 UL2651 UL20080 Cables

V.             Irradiation Cross-linked Cables

1. Purpose: Mainly used in automobile electronic parts, motors, lighting equipment and air-conditioning equipment, etc.

2. Main products and models: UL1430 UL1571 UL1685 UL3321