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Application & Classification for the UL Cables I


Application & Classification for the UL Cables I

Cable generally refers to insulated cables. It can be defined as: an assembly composed of the following parts, one or more insulated cores, and their respective possible coating layers, total protective layer and outer protective layer. The Cables may also have additional conductors without insulation.

There are 5 categories for the Cables & Wires:

1.     Bare wire 2. Winding wire 3. Power Cable 4. Communication Cable and communication optical cable 5. Wire and cable for electrical equipment.

I.              Device built-in Cables

a. Purpose: Used for internal wiring of automobile industry, mechanical equipment, computers, household appliances, electronic and electrical equipment.

b.     Main products and models

⑵      Heat-resistant PVC Wire: UL1007 UL1015 UL1032 UL1095

⑵ Semi-rigid PVC Wire: UL1061

⑶ Irradiation cross-linked PVC wire: UL1571 UL1685

⑷ Heat-resistant PVC double insulated wire: UL1430 UL1431 UL1681 UL1617

⑸ Radiation cross-linked PVC double insulated wire: UL1672

⑹ Flame-retardant cross-linked polyethylene wire: UL1505

⑺ Radiation cross-linked flame-retardant PE wire: UL3265 UL3266 UL3271 UL3343 UL3398.

II  Shielded Cables

a. Purpose: Use unique and exquisite winding and weaving technology to produce high-performance, anti-signal interference shielded wires, which are mainly used for internal wiring of audio, video recorders, monitoring equipment, and electronic equipment.

b. Main products and Models

⑴ Heat-resistant PVC Shielded Cables:

UL1185 UL1533 UL2127 UL2128 UL2129 UL2405 UL2265 UL2482 UL2483

⑵ Semi-rigid PVC Shielded Cable: UL2547