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Why does the EV Charger red light keep flashing?


Why does the EV Charger red light keep flashing?

 Recently, a friend said that when charging an electric vehicle, the red light of the EV Charger kept flashing. After five or six hours of charging, it would only be three bars, and the power would be cut off as soon as the bicycle was riding. Plug the EV Charger into the power supply, there is no battery in this end, there is a red light and a green light. So EV Charger should be no problem. When re-plugging in the battery and recharging, both lights are normally red. After a while, the red lights start to flash again? In this case, is the battery broken or the charger broken? My friends electric car has been left at home for more than half a month, and it is reasonable for this to happen.

 In fact, EV Charger has a recognition voltage, which is what we call the starting voltage. If your battery voltage is too low, the EV Charger will not be able to recognize it, so it will flash. Some EV Charger flashes one light, and some EV Charger flashes two lights together because the transformer primary winding inside is out. After the secondary winding comes out, the voltage is not recognized.

 If you dont use the battery for a long time, its also wrong. A fully charged battery will lose power within 2-3 weeks. If it lasts for a month, the internal power will be released. . However, even if the battery is stored separately, it will self-discharge itself. Therefore, it is recommended to use EV Charger to charge the battery once in 2-3 months.

 As the weather gradually gets colder, the battery capacity drops by 1% for every 1°C drop in temperature. In winter, when the battery is in a low temperature environment, the cycle capacity of the battery is relatively low, the viscosity of the electrolyte increases, the resistance of the chemical reaction increases, and the charging time may be shortened (charging 70% below 5°C). The charging capacity is 60%-70%, and the discharging capacity ranges from 50% to 60%, and the mileage is reduced (not far). Calculation of mileage in winter (70% charge multiplied by 60% discharge capacity is approximately equal to 42% summer mileage). The editor reminds consumers that electric vehicles can be charged indoors with an EV Charger, and they can be charged as they ride.