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Why does the EV Charger get hot during the charging process?


Why does the EV Charger get hot during the charging process?


1. If the EV Charger is used for a long time, the EV Charger is hot due to improper operation, environmental reasons or battery problems. At this time, the internal heat generated is greater than the heat dissipation, and the internal materials of the EV Charger will be damaged to varying degrees, and it will become A vicious circle.

Therefore, if it is used for too long, or even a new EV Charger that has just been bought, it may cause the battery to become hot when charging.


2. The aging of the EV Charger, the increase of internal resistance, the drying up of the electrolyte, and the internal short circuit, etc., will all cause heat. As the number of times of use of EV Charger increases, the water molecules in the battery are gradually lost, which causes the battery to generate heat during the electrochemical reaction (charging).


3. The mixed use of EV Charger in electric vehicles will also cause the battery to heat up during charging. For example, if the battery is 48V, but the 60V EV Charger is used, the voltage does not match, which will cause huge pressure on the battery. When the internal temperature of the battery rises, it will deform in a short time.


4. The general EV Charger has no pulse function, and no negative pulse depolarization function. This type of EV Charger usually cannot maintain a constant voltage in the later stage of charging, which will cause the battery voltage to exceed the allowable value, resulting in a large amount of gas out of the battery, loss of water, and heat. .

At the same time, the damage to the battery by the unqualified EV Charger is also easy to see. The EV Charger with inferior parameters that does not match can cause the battery to be charged too much, the time is too long, the battery loses water seriously, and it is extremely easy to deform.


The above are the main reasons for the electric vehicle EV Charger to get hot during the charging process. If you encounter the hot phenomenon of the EV Charger for electric vehicles, you should stop charging immediately, and do not disassemble the battery and replenish the electrolyte at will. It is necessary to find a professional for inspection as soon as possible, and check whether the battery has "liquid shortage" and internal aging, so as to prevent the battery from swelling up quickly or failing completely.