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Why are USB Chargers basically white?


Why are USB Chargers basically white?

 With the continuous advancement of technology, various high-end technologies of USB Charger also accompany our lives.

But with the upgrade of the appearance and performance configuration of the USB Charger, various manufacturers began to work hard on packaging design and accessories, carefully designed, and full of technology. Each manufacturer has its own unique style. Among the most important accessories of mobile phones, USB Charger, in addition to the different charging power, most manufacturers now adopt a white design, so why is the USB Charger basically white now? Are there any technological factors here?


1. The first reason is that the white USB Charger can be easily recognized by the human eye. When the USB Charger is forgotten, the obvious white color can be used as a better reminder.


2. When the USB Charger fails, the white shell will be obvious and easy to find. In addition, the use of white design can give people a harmonious and simple feeling, because how to design the appearance of the mobile phone packaging box, the parts in the box such as the warranty card manual are basically white, and the USB Charger is basically white. In order to achieve aesthetic unity.