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Common FAQ for CCTV System


Common FAQ for CCTV System

1 What is the reason why the IP Camera keeps dropping?

a. Unstable power supply

b. Poor network connection or poor network cable

2 How does the IP camera count as storage space?

Number of cameras * image bit rate * storage time

3 How to connect the IP Camera to alarm?

There you can find “Alarm in” on the tail cable if the camera support Alarm in.

4 How to connect the IP Camera Audio?

There is "A in" or "Audio in" on the tail line of the camera if the camera support Audio in.

5 How to calculate power for centralized DC power supply?

Normal cameras are powered by DC 12V 1A. For cameras with infrared fill light, a certain amount of current redundancy needs to be made. DC 12V 2A power supply is selected to prevent insufficient power supply of the camera when switching to infrared mode

6 Why is the hard disk video recorder so slow to format the hard disk?

This should be a problem with the hard disk, you can try to replace the hard disk

7 Why does the IP Camera freeze so badly?

The camera code stream is too large, and the bandwidth of the switch and NVR is not enough

8 At what distance do I need a fiber optic transceiver?

Usually while the distance excessed100meters.

9 What kind of transmission line is used for the analog camera?

Generally Coaxial Cables are used, specifications: SYV75-5, SYV75-3, and some special occasions are also useful for twisted pair transmitters, multiplexers, etc.

10 What is the maximum transmission distance of the Ethernet Cable?

The Ethernet Cable can transmit up to 100 meters