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Why does EV Charger make noise?


Why does EV Charger make noise?


1. The surrounding temperature is too high to dissipate heat.

When an electric vehicle is charging, the EV Charger will generate a lot of heat, and the fan will run quickly to dissipate heat. If the electric vehicle is charged in a high temperature environment, it will speed up the rotation speed of the heat fan of the EV Charger, so the noise will become greater, and it may even burn the EV Charger.

In response to this problem, users should park their electric vehicles in a cool place for charging in time, and also try to control the charging time to prevent overcharging.


2. The bearing of the cooling fan is short of oil.

If the EV Charger cooling fan bearing is short of oil, then when the charger is working, the fan will make noises due to friction.

In response to this problem, the user only needs to disassemble the EV Charger to check whether the bearing has rusted. If it has rusted, the rust removal operation must be carried out first, and then lubricating oil will be added to the cooling fan bearing.


3. EV Charger components fall off.

The loud noise of the EV Charger may also be caused by its own failure. For example, if the components of the EV Charger fall off, it will cause the charging parameters to change, cause voltage unevenness during charging, and then cause the temperature of the EV Charger to rise, causing the cooling fan to rotate abnormally, thereby generating noise.

When encountering this kind of problem, it is recommended to directly replace with a new EV Charger, which is more convenient and safer.