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What are the reasons for EV Charger's premature flashing?


What are the reasons for EV Charger's premature flashing?


1. EV Charger indicator or converter failure

EV Charger failure is of course a relatively common cause of such problems. When the indicator or converter of the EV Charger fails, the EV Charger will trip the lamp prematurely. At this time, although the EV Charger shows a green light, the actual battery charge is not much, so there will be a decline in the battery life of the electric vehicle. When this kind of problem occurs, the user should replace the EV Charger in time.


2. The battery is aging or spring charging

Battery failure is also one of the reasons for the rapid green light of the EV Charger. If the battery itself is aging or swollen, the battery capacity will drop significantly, causing the battery to be under-charged and causing the EV Charger to jump off the lights prematurely. At this time, if the electric vehicle is charged again, the battery cannot be charged normally, and the cruising range will naturally be greatly reduced. When encountering this kind of problem, the user should replace the battery with a new one in time.


3. Long-term storage of electric vehicles at a loss

If the electric vehicle is stored for a long time without electricity, it will cause the battery to be "starved" to death.

When the electric vehicle is charged with the EV Charger, the light will jump prematurely. In response to this problem, the user can choose to reactivate the battery, restore the battery performance, or replace the battery with a new one.