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Why doesn't the EV Charger turn on the light?


Why doesn't the EV Charger  turn on the light? 


1. The internal temperature of the battery is too high, causing the internal oxygen circulation of the battery to be poor, causing "thermal runaway" and causing the EV Charger to charge and not turn the lights.


2. The electrolyte in the battery is insufficient, and the EV Charger will not turn on the light when the battery loses water in the later period of use.


3. The internal micro-short circuit of the battery causes the charging voltage of the battery terminal to not reach the limit voltage value. The charging current is always maintained at a large value and cannot be reduced to the conversion current value, which causes the EV Charger to not turn the lights.


4. The EV Charger parameter setting does not match the battery, which causes the battery to be overcharged for a long time, and eventually causes the battery to lose water, and the EV Charger does not turn on the light when charging.


5. The EV Charger current is too small, the charging time is long, and the battery cannot be fully charged within the expected time, causing the EV Charger to not turn on the light.


6. Consumers' unreasonable usage habits, such as long-term charging, frequent charging, etc., cause the battery to lose water and over discharge, causing the battery to charge and not turn on the light.


7. Poor charging environment. If the charging place is not ventilated and the ambient temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the battery "thermal runaway", which will cause the EV Charger to charge and not turn on the light.