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Do you know what are the maintenance methods for EV Charger?


Do you know what are the maintenance methods for EV Charger?


1. Don't change EV Charger randomly

Use EV Charger correctly according to the instructions.

Correct use method:

When charging, insert the battery first and then power up;

After being fully charged, cut off the power first, and then unplug the battery.

Otherwise it is very easy to cause damage to the EV Charger.


2. Before replacing the EV Charger, confirm whether the charger is compatible with the vehicle

Try to use the original EV Charger, and prohibit the use of non-standard, low-quality EV Charger to charge the battery of electric vehicles to avoid unnecessary damage to the battery.


3. Put the battery in a well-ventilated place to charge.

Since the charger generates a certain amount of heat during the charging process, it is recommended that the battery be charged in an open and ventilated place. It is strictly forbidden to cover the charger with foreign objects during charging, otherwise it will easily damage the EV Charger and the battery, or even cause a fire accident. In addition, EVs are also strictly prohibited. The Charger is immersed in water or rain.


4. Avoid frequent vibration of EV Charger

Do not carry the EV Charger with the car, and strengthen the protection of the EV Charger, which can fundamentally extend the life of the EV Charger. Otherwise, the vibration and turbulence during driving will damage many components inside the EV Charger.


5. Check whether the indicator light is normal during use

When using the EV Charger to charge the battery, pay attention to check whether the indicator of the EV Charger is working properly. If the indicator light between the EV Charger does not show that the charging is complete when the charging should be completed, the EV Charger is likely to be damaged at this time.