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When the EV charger is broken, should it be replaced or repaired?


When the EV charger is broken, should it be replaced or repaired?



Recently, I heard a backstage report from a maintenance master. He encountered a user who came to repair the EV charger. After the maintenance and inspection of the EV charger, he said that it needed to be replaced. The user felt that the maintenance master would not help him with the repair. So, is this really the case?

In fact, the electric vehicle repairer is correct. If the EV charger is broken, you can only choose a new one. Why do you say that?


1. As an accessory, the EV charger itself is a wearable product, and its service life is generally about 2 years. When it is damaged or damaged, it is generally time to replace the new EV charger. At this time, it does not make sense to choose repairs. Large, so when the EV charger is broken, it is usually replaced with a new one.


2. Due to the complicated internal structure of the EV charger and the distribution of many components, it takes a lot of time to detect EV charger failures, which means that the maintenance cost increases, and the price of an EV charger itself is not high, which will cause maintenance. It is not meaningful. Because the maintenance master often gets into a dilemma, he will lose himself if he collects less, and feel embarrassed if he collects too much. Therefore, the EV charger is broken, and many maintenance technicians suggest to replace it with a new one.



3. Whether it can be repaired is still uncertain. Why do you say that? Regardless of the small size of the EV charger, there are many components inside. If one of them fails, the repairer needs to have certain circuit knowledge to find out. At present, most of the electric vehicle repairers are transferred from bicycles and do not have this. Aspect knowledge. Therefore, it will be more difficult to repair, and you can only choose to replace it with a new one.


4. The maintenance effect is not obvious. Why do you say that? Because the repaired EV charger may be damaged twice in a short time, causing the components to fall off, which will cause the charging efficiency to drop, and even the battery will be damaged. Therefore, choosing a new replacement is more practical than repairing.


From these four reasons, if the EV charger is broken, you should still choose a new one.

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