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Do you know what cause the EV Charger to malfunction?


Do you know what cause the EV Charger to malfunction?

There are always "battery bulges", "electric car spontaneous combustion", "unstable charging power", and "unsatisfied charging" in current electric vehicles! In fact, these situations are not the problem of the car or the battery itself, but mostly because of the EV Charger. According to first-line dealers, the current high failure rate of EV Charger is not necessarily a quality problem, so what are the reasons?



1. Improper operation, mismatch

Many users dont know that the battery needs to be matched with the corresponding model of EV Charger. It is often convenient. If EV Charger is mixed for a long time, not only will the EV Charger be damaged, but the cars controller will also have problems. The battery is also prone to overcharge, resulting in bulging and shortened life. 


2. Bumps and vibrations cause damage to the EV Charger

Many users have the habit of carrying EV Charger with their car, but the bumpy ride on the bike can easily cause the internal components of the EV Charger to fall off and be damaged due to vibration.


3. Internal high temperature heat dissipation problem, EV Charger lacks a protection board

In order to save costs, many low-cost and low-quality EV Charger manufacturers basically only install cooling fans and cooling plates. When the electric vehicle is charged for more than 8 hours for a long time, the heat dissipation will not be good if there is no protective plate. If the heat cannot be dissipated, it will easily cause damage to the EV Charger, or even fire.


4.External high temperature heat dissipation problem, uneven heat dissipation of EV Charger

In the summer high temperature season, many users charge or park their electric vehicles in a high temperature environment. The high temperature will not only cause the battery to swell, but also damage the EV Charger and accelerate the aging of the EV Charger.