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How to choose the right Wall Plate style?


How to choose the right Wall Plate Style?


There are various types of Wall Plates, different materials, colors, and designs. How to choose a Wall Plate that is suitable for home to add color and interest to the interior decoration and complement the style of home decoration?


  1. To fit the house decoration style.

    The Wall Plate material is best to be consistent with the decoration style. For example, wood materials are used more in some kind style decoration. The white PC Wall Plate is more suitable for the color and texture of the wall.


  2. To fit the color of the houses.

    The main color of the interior decoration can match the decoration style. For example, when the wall is painted blue, you can use a blue Wall Plate or a white Wall Plate to match the overall color.


  3. For safety use.

    The quality of the Wall Plate material is also related to the safety of the switch. A good Wall Plate can meet the standards for flame retardant, insulation and corrosion resistance.