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What are the advantages of USB Type-C Cable?


What are the advantages of USB Type-C Cable?

 Most of the current Android phones use Type-C interface, such as Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu, etc. Everyone is no longer unfamiliar with this interface, but most people's understanding of it still stays at the basic level of "support for positive and negative insertion" and "used for charging".

 Many people like USB Type-C Cable because of their love for the convenience brought by the support of positive and negative plugs. The advantage of USB Type-C Cable is nothing more than that, it also has many magical uses.


1. Realize fast charging

Under the USB PD power transmission protocol, the standard Type-C interface can be expanded to an output voltage of 20V, an output current of 5A, and current transmission up to 100W. The battery life of mobile phones has always been a concern for users. At present, there has not been a major breakthrough in battery technology. The introduction of fast charging technology has become a solution for various brands.

 With a USB Type-C Cable and PD charger that supports fast charging, it can achieve super fast charging above 18W for mobile phones. 50% charging efficiency is fully charged in 30 minutes, which truly realizes "five minutes charging and 1 hour talk"


2. Realize fast screen casting

Although many things can be done on a mobile phone with USB Type-C Cable, the viewing experience is obviously not as perfect as large-screen displays such as TVs and projectors due to the size of the mobile phone's screen.

 It can be projected to the large screen, and the large-screen display can be connected through the Type-C wireless projector, smart docking station or Type-C to HDMI/VGA cable, and the photos, videos, and files in the mobile phone can be directly projected to the large screen. Watching on the screen allows the phone to become a computer in seconds, and it can even be operated in split screens, with large and small screens not interfering with each other.


 3. Expand the phone's capacity

In the past, if we wanted to transfer photos or files from a mobile phone to a USB flash drive, we needed to transfer the files to the computer for transfer, which was time-consuming and troublesome.

 The Type-C interface mobile phone can directly transfer files to the U disk by connecting the Type-C USB Cable or OTG adapter, which can easily expand the capacity of the mobile phone.


 4. Connect the card reader

When I finished taking a set of beautiful photos and wanted to share in Moments, I found that I still need to export the photos from the storage card to the computer and then transfer them to the mobile phone. In fact, Type-C USB Cable can make this easier.