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4 Common Materials for Wall Plate


4 Common Materials for Wall Plate


Nowadays, PC, alloy, tempered glass are the 4 most common materials for Wall Plate. Different materials brings differences in Wall Plate texture, temperament, and style.


1. PC

PC material is the most common type of Wall Plate material. It has strong impact resistance and heat resistance, high transparency, and visual effect is more delicate and smooth than ABS or electric jade powder. The switch Wall Plate adopts IMR technology, which is compared with traditional spraying. The craftsmanship can make the color pattern and the switch more perfect fusion, and the stability does not fade, the bull switch adopts IMR technology for the first time, making the switch more fashionable and individual.


2. Alloy

Compared with ordinary metal materials, the alloy material is more stable. The alloy material is not easy to rust and is more resistant to oxidation. For example, the aluminum-magnesium alloy Wall Plate used in the bull switch has exquisite craftsmanship. The brushed Wall Plate material is elegant and atmospheric, resistant to rust and high temperature. The ability is very strong, and the overall texture is exquisite and noble.


3. Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass Wall Plates are also a type of Wall Plate material that is gradually becoming popular. Compared with other Wall Plate materials, tempered glass has a stronger sense of transparency and a delicate overall texture. Its special visual effects are also very suitable for some modern decoration styles. Can bring a different visual experience.


4. Metal

Metal Wall Plates are generally made of copper and aluminum. The properties of these two types of materials are relatively stable. Especially copper is not prone to chemical reactions and can maintain its appearance and shape. The metal Wall Plates are strong and wear-resistant, but they are resistant to compression Insulation etc. There will be a certain strength comparison for different materials.