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Is it better to use single-wire or dual-wire Speaker Wires?


Is it better to use single-wire or dual-wire Speaker Wires?



Earlier, some companies announced that they had stopped producing two-wire Speaker Wire. The reason was that when the speakers were tested in their special listening room, the music continuity and effect obtained by using the single-wire Speaker Wire was always better than the two-wire Speaker Wire. However, on the other hand, the sound effect played through the dual Speaker Wire is more open and slightly better in detail performance, but in terms of musical continuity, the single-line design performs better than the dual-line design.


Currently, more and more speakers are equipped with only one speaker wire input terminal, but if you need to connect a single Speaker Wire to a speaker with dual binding posts, you should really try to make some changes to get the best performance of the system .


 What kind of wiring method should be used for the speaker using the two-wire socket? Generally speaking, connecting a pair of single-wire Speaker Wires to the positive/negative position of the tweeter at the same time is better than connecting to the positive/negative position of the woofer. But another "diagonal connection" method (that is, the positive speaker wire is connected to the positive pole of the speaker's tweeter, and the negative speaker wire is connected to the negative pole of the woofer), which can make the music more consistent. outstanding. Most speakers connected in this way have the best music continuity. If you have not made this attempt, please implement it as soon as possible. This will be a very fast, easy and impressive method of musical enhancement.