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How to connect the Speaker Wire of computer speakers?


How to connect the Speaker Wire of computer speakers?


1. The first step is to determine the position of the speakers. For the home 5.1 system, it is divided into left and right main amplifier speakers, center speakers, left and right surround speakers, and subwoofer. The left and right main amplifiers are installed on both sides of the TV; the center speakers are placed in the middle, which can be under the TV or hung on the TV; the left and right surrounds are on the left and right behind the sofa, one on each side; the position of the subwoofer does not matter, put it in Its fine if it doesnt get in the way.


2. After confirming the position of the speakers, install the speakers in place, and then connect the Speaker Wire. The left, middle and right speakers and surround speakers are generally clamped wires. Some of them are wiring terminals. Distinguish the positive and the negative, the red, the positive, and the black, and clamp the wire tightly; The source subwoofer is directly connected to the power amplifier with the signal line of the lotus head.



3. After the Speaker Wire is connected, it is necessary to connect the power amplifier to the power amplifier. There are 5 channels of power output on the power amplifier, corresponding to the left, middle and right, surround 5 speakers, and the active bass output corresponds to the subwoofer.


4. After the connection is made, the signal must be connected. Connect the HD TV box, DVD, hard disk player and other playback devices to the HDMI input of the amplifier, and connect the HDMI output of the amplifier to the TV.


5. In this way, the Speaker Wire is basically connected. Of course, the volume of the TV should be turned off. Because HDMI transmits audio signals, it may produce sound without turning off the TV. Well, you're done, let's watch a movie at home!