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What is the function of the cross frame inside the CAT6 Ethernet Cable?


What is the function of the cross frame inside the CAT6 Ethernet Cable?

 CAT5 Ethernet Cable and CAT6 Ethernet Cable are commonly used network cables in integrated wiring projects. The internal 4 pairs of core twisted pairs can resist crosstalk between pairs and part of external interference from ordinary wiring environments.

The operating frequency of most actual network applications is lower than 30MHz, and the unshielded network cable is twisted to reduce internal crosstalk, which can be satisfied with daily environmental wiring.


The transmission rate of CAT6 Ethernet Cable can provide high-speed bandwidth 2.5 times higher than that of CAT5e, mainly for transmission of gigabit networks, which can only be used with gigabit switches and gigabit routers. With 100M switches and 100M routers, it can only transmit 100M networks.

CAT6 Ethernet Cable has one more white cross frame inside than CAT5 Ethernet Cable, and the 4 pairs of cores are respectively placed in the 4 grooves of the cross frame, so the outer diameter of CAT6 Ethernet Cable is thicker than ordinary network cables.

Most CAT6 Ethernet Cables have a cross frame inside. A small number of CAT6 Ethernet Cables do not have a cross frame. The relevant specifications do not stipulate that CAT6 Ethernet Cable must use a cross frame, as long as it can reach Category 6 The standard is fine, so when looking at whether the network cable is a CAT6 Ethernet Cable, it cannot be distinguished from whether it contains a cross frame.


However, in the market, most manufacturers do not meet the Category 6 standard when producing CAT6 Ethernet Cable, so most of the CAT6 Ethernet Cables contain a cross frame, and some are isolated by a single-word frame.

The cross frame in the center of the CAT6 Ethernet Cable will rotate with the change in length, maintaining the position of the 4 pairs of cores, which is beneficial to reduce the crosstalk between the pairs, and at the same time, it can improve the balance characteristics of the cable. The balance structure of the middle cable is not damaged.

Compared with Super CAT5 Ethernet Cable, CAT6 Ethernet Cable has a certain degree of difficulty in wiring technology. In the process of wiring, pay attention to the size of the conductor of the CAT6 Ethernet Cable is thicker than that of the Super CAT5 Ethernet Cable, and there is a cross frame inside, and the outer diameter is also larger than that of the super CAT5 Ethernet Cable. The CAT5Ethernet Cable should be thick. Generally speaking, two CAT6 Ethernet Cables should be placed in the 20mm inner diameter tube to prevent the cables from being entangled with each other.


CAT6 Ethernet Cable pays attention when pulling the cable. A part of the cable is pre-drawn from the reel box for the partner to extract at the other end of the pipeline. The pre-drawn cable should not be too much to avoid multiple cables entangled and surrounded on the field.