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What is the Coaxial Cable?


What is the Coaxial Cable?

 The Coaxial Cable is a cable with two parts of conductors, namely the center conductor and the outer conductor. An insulating layer is arranged between the two parts of the conductor.


How to use Coaxial Cable?


Coaxial Cable is mainly used to transmit radio frequency energy. In the coaxial connection system, it can achieve strict control of electrical impedance, so it can achieve excellent high-frequency performance. At the same time, it has excellent shielding and control capabilities when encountering electromagnetic interference. 


What are the applications of Coaxial Cable?


The application range of Coaxial Cables is extremely wide. Coaxial Cables are divided into two categories according to different impedance values, 50 ohms and 75 ohms. Among them, the 50 ohm model is used for digital signal transmission, and the 75 ohm signal is used for video signal transmission.


Explanation of terms related to Coaxial Cable:


Attenuation (insertion loss): Attenuation is the part of energy lost during transmission, usually "dB/length" is used as the unit of calculation, for example: 31.0dB/100inch. Attenuation will increase with increasing frequency.


Bending radius: The minimum radius that can be reached when a cable is bent without affecting any performance.


Center conductor: refers to the wire at the center of the coaxial line, which can be single strand or multiple strands. The diameter of the conductor is measured using "AWG (American Wire Gauge)".


Coaxial adapter: a device used to convert different types of connectors or convert male to female heads (for example: BNC to SMA adapter).


Coaxial Cable: A cylindrical transmission line with two-part conductors. Its typical structure includes a center conductor, an insulating layer, and an outer conductor (shielding layer). The coaxial line can be a flexible line, a semi-rigid line or a rigid line.


Coaxial connector: The connecting device located at both ends of the Coaxial Cable assembly. The commonly used coaxial connectors have various models, such as; BNC, SMA, SMB, F type.


Insulation layer: insulating material, which separates the center conductor and the shielding layer.