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Can USB Chargers of different brands of mobile phones be used together?


Can USB Chargers of different brands of mobile phones be used together?

No battery, no internet, and no data can be called the three modern horror stories. Nowadays, mobile phones have become

 the most important portable tool for people to communicate with the outside world. They are most afraid of running out of 

power when they are away. When I finally found the charging port, the surprise at that moment was even more exciting than

 winning the lottery. We are used to picking up USB Chargers with the same interface to charge our mobile phones. Can 

USB Chargers of different brands of mobile phones be mixed? Will the mixed use of USB Charger accelerate the aging of 

mobile phone batteries? What is the impact on USB Charger? Is the mixed use of USB Charger harmful to mobile phones?


The standard USB Charger in the front mobile phone package basically uses modern charging management technology, that is, it can

 output the corresponding current according to the information provided by the mobile phone, and generally does not cause harm.

Although many USB Chargers can correspond to the interface, the charging effect will be greatly reduced if the current is different, and

 other adverse reactions may also be caused. When the USB Charger and the fast charging protocol supported by the mobile phone do 

not match, the fast charging mode cannot be entered, which will cause low-power charging and require more time to fully charge. Therefore, 

when choosing a USB Charger, it is best to choose a USB Charger that matches the phone itself.


The editor reminds everyone that you must not buy and use inferior USB Charger and three-no charging products, otherwise it will easily 

cause damage to the mobile phone battery or other components, and even dangerous accidents may occur.

When the mobile phone is charged with a non-original USB Charger, it is normal for the battery to occasionally heat up slightly, but if the 

battery is obviously hot, it means that the USB Charger has not detected the battery charging saturation in time, resulting in an overcharge

 condition, which may affect the health of the battery. And life expectancy.



In summary, different brands of mobile phones can be used in combination, but using a USB charger that matches the model can reduce the adverse effects on the battery.