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Can the USB Charger be plugged into the socket all the time?


Can the USB Charger be plugged into the socket all the time?

 Will the mobile phone USB Charger explode if it is not unplugged? Let us find out!


The mobile phone USB Charger is actually a transformer, it has no ability to store electricity. Its main function is to convert the 220v voltage on the 

socket to about 5v, so that the weak mobile phone can get gentle electricity. When the USB Charger is not plugged into the mobile phone, there is 

no current in the charger connected to the mobile phone by the air resistance. What about the USB Charger connected to the plug?

Someone once made an experiment to use an ammeter to test the charger under load and no load conditions.

The current reading shows that there is always current flowing through the no-load USB Charger. This means that even if the phone is not being 

charged, the USB Charger that has been plugged in is still charged, that is, the "transformer" is always working.


However, because the "gentle electricity" has nowhere to go without the phone plugged in, it is wasted and converted into heat and energy is dissipated 

inside the charger, which damages the internal components of the charger and accelerates the aging of the USB Charger, and may even cause an explosion 

if it is not careful.

Although the probability of causing a fire is low, power waste occurs all the time.

Even the smallest amount of electricity multiplied by 24 hours and 365 days is a naked electricity bill, which is a huge waste of resources.


And if you are not used to unplug your mobile phone USB Charger, you shouldn't have the habit of unplugging other electrical appliances.

If air conditioners, televisions, set-top boxes, computers, and wireless routers are not unplugged when they are not in use, 16.1 kWh of electricity a month 

will be consumed, 193 kWh a year will be in vain, and an additional electricity bill will be over 100 yuan a year.

Although the measurement results of different brands of electrical appliances may have errors, the electricity price and charging rules are also different.

 However, it is not difficult to see from the data that most electrical appliances will consume power and consume wallets unknowingly as long as they are 

not unplugged.


So we still don't want to be lazy for a while, use our little hands to unplug the USB Charger!