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What should you do if the USB Charger cannot be charged?


What should you do if the USB Charger cannot be charged?

No matter how advanced the technology is and how smart phones change, at least in terms of the smart phones currently in use, the 

use of mobile phones is inseparable from "electricity." Even the foldable mobile phone that is about to go on sale still needs to be 

charged to be able to use it normally. Therefore, for mobile phones, "power" is essential. However, regarding "electricity", many 

mobile phone users have been troubled, especially the fact that the mobile phone USB Charger cannot be charged into electricity. 

What is the reason why the USB Charger of the mobile phone suddenly fails to charge? How should we deal with it?


1. There is a problem with the charging interface of the fuselage


Although many mobile phone manufacturers have launched smart phones with a full body without holes, they have not yet

 "occupied" the user market. Therefore, for smart phones that are now commonly used, most of them support wired charging

 technology, which further demonstrates the importance of the "charging interface". And such a charging port is often one of

 the most vulnerable designs, such as being accumulated and blocked by tiny debris such as external dust, etc. Therefore, it

 is easy to affect the user's wired charging. If your mobile phone cannot be charged, you can check your charging port for 

obstructions. If so, it is recommended that you can use non-sharp, non-humid, non-high temperature tools for cleaning, but

 just in case, it is best to take it to a professional repair shop to repair it.


2. There is a problem with the charging cable


When the mobile phone cannot be used for normal charging, if the environmental conditions permit, you can ask people around to

 borrow a charging cable that can also charge your mobile phone, and then try to see if the charging can be completed. If so, then

 there is a problem with your digital USB Cable, and you need to replace it with a new USB Cable.


3. There is a problem with the USB Charger


How to check if the problem is caused by a malfunction of the USB Charger? You can separate the USB Charger from the USB Cable

and then charge the mobile phone through the USB Cable in other ways. If the mobile phone can be charged normally, it is often the

  USB Charger that has a problem.


4. There is a problem with the phone system settings


If the above reasons are eliminated one by one, then it is likely that the phone system settings are malfunctioning. If this is the reason, it 

is best to contact the mobile phone manufacturer for after-sales service and return to the factory for repair, followed by taking it to a regular

 mobile phone repair shop for repair.



In addition, even if the current smart phone technology is relatively mature, if it is "careless" during daily use, no matter how good the phone is, 

it will be damaged. In fact, in the small aspect of charging mobile phones, there is also a big "wisdom". In order to minimize the damage of mobile

 phone charging work, professionals have the following tips: avoid continuing to use the mobile phone while charging the mobile phone, avoid using

 the "three-no" USB Charger, and avoid unsuitable environments such as humidity and exposure Charge the mobile phone, avoid charging the mobile 

phone all night, etc.