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Is the Speaker Wire the thicker the better?


Is the Speaker Wire the thicker the better?

 The Speaker Wire refers to the wire used to flow current. The thickness of the Speaker Wire 

mainly refers to the thickness of the core conductor. What impact does the thickness of the 

Speaker Wire conductor have on the sound effect of the system?


Generally speaking, the physical principle of a Speaker Wire that is too thin will cause the temperature of the 

wire to rise sharply, causing a large amount of loss in the voltage at both ends, and signal current distortion. 

That is to say, the "thickness" of the Speaker Wire conductor depends on its "overflow". Although the Speaker Wire 

is too thick, there will be no technical disadvantages, but users need to consider the Speaker Wire with a thick wire

 diameter, which is not conducive to wiring and high cost.


When selecting Speaker Wire, you need to consider the "instantaneous" over current and the performance of distributed 

capacitance points. Therefore, the manufacturer of Speaker Wire uses multiple wires, balanced twisting, parallel laying, etc. 

to make the current flow in the cable in a balanced manner. It should be slightly larger than the calculated area of carrying current.


It can be understood from the above that the Speaker Wire is too thin and will have an adverse effect on the system, so is

 the Speaker Wire as thick as possible?


In fact, it is a one-sided view to judge the quality of Speaker Wire solely based on its thickness. The influence of speaker wire's 

wire material, wire diameter, and purity on impedance, capacitance, inductance, and resistance is the main factor leading to sound quality.


In addition to measuring the quality by the thickness of the Speaker Wire core, it also depends on the square number of the wire core, the

 material and the process, the purity of the core and other parameters. The cables of big brands are more guaranteed, but there are also 

counterfeit products. You need to be careful when choosing.


Number of cores: standard algorithm on the market. Generally, it is about 200 cores, and some single-core thick wires should be guaranteed 

at least 1.5 square meters.


Wire core material: Standard high-quality Speaker Wire uses oxygen-free copper core wire as the mainstream, and its purity should reach the

 high-purity 4N level, with a purity of 99.99%.


 Thread: You can intuitively feel the quality of the material with the naked eye and hand. The outer skin of the high-quality Speaker Wire should

 be moderately soft to the touch, smooth and smooth to the touch, and high in gloss. Inferior Speaker Wire is either very hard or very soft, rough 

and sticky, and the color is dim.