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How to extend the service life of the USB Cable?


How to extend the service life of the USB Cable?

The outer skin of the USB Cable is damaged, can you use tape to stick it?


In daily life, we usually wrap the USB Cable with transparent tape. However, the scotch tape has poor insulation, and there are still potential safety hazards if it is used to wrap 

line joints or damaged parts.

If you need a temporary "emergency", for safety reasons, you can use insulating tape to bond the USB Cable, but it will oxidize and fall off after long-term use. If the damage of 

the USB Cable is deep, the wire will heat up during charging, which can easily cause a short circuit or even cause a fire. Therefore, sticking USB Cable with tape is not a long-term

 solution. The perfect surface is a "false appearance", and the hidden safety hazards behind it are real! Therefore, it is better to replace the damaged USB Cable as soon as possible.


Let the USB Cable say goodbye to damage and be more durable, it is better to try the following methods.


1. Reduce USB Cable bending

Many people like to use their mobile phones while charging, so the USB Cable interface is often forced to bend.

However, the data line is in a deformed state for a long time, and the insulating layer on the outer surface will be unable to withstand the tensile force and rupture over time. Therefore,

 when using the mobile phone while charging, try not to bend the USB Cable.


2. Plug and unplug the USB Cable correctly

When plugging and unplugging the USB Cable, many small partners grab the wire and pull it happily. They don't know that this will increase the risk of wire breakage. Therefore, when 

plugging and unplugging the USB Cable, you should pinch the end of the thread and try to be gentle.


3. Keep away from heat

The outer skin of the USB cable is generally rubber, which will cause thermal expansion and contraction when it is close to the heat source. Repeatedly, the USB cable is very easy to break. 

Therefore, the USB Cable should be used or stored away from heat sources as much as possible.


4. Add a "plug-in" to the USB Cable

Knitting and knotting in the USB Cable interface is both beautiful and practical. Or you can use the spring in the ballpoint pen to make an "iron armor" for the USB Cable.


After learning these methods, the life span of the USB Cable will be greatly increased. Have you learned it?