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What is the Type-C USB cable?


What is the Type-C USB Cable?


With regard to Type-C USB Cable, it has only been a few years from unfamiliar to familiar. It has been widely used in various brands of mobile phones. Many people understand the 

function of Type-C USB Cable only in the fast charging standard, then you are wrong.

What are the other functions of Type-C USB Cable?


 1. Multiple functions

Type-C USB Cable allows you to use one line in many ways. It's no longer a messy and messy data cable, to meet daily use, you only need a Type-C USB Cable, you can charge most

 consumer electronic products. The computers charge each other, and the direction of the current can be changed freely, no longer just a one-way transmission. A Type-C USB Cable

 passes through all electronic devices, monitors, laptops, Switch, PS4, Apple TV, etc., making device interaction easier.


2. Strong power supply capacity

The Type-C interface adopts the USB3.1 standard and can provide up to 100W power output. It can realize two-way power supply through the USB Typc-C interface: it can not only charge 

the device itself, but also supply power to external devices, and the charging time of the device can be shortened accordingly.


 3. Type-C interface has strong scalability

Compared with the traditional USB Cable, the function is very limited. Type-C USB Cable not only has more powerful charging and data transmission capabilities, but also has audio and video 

transmission functions, which can transmit video and audio signals, and expand to a variety of audio and video output interfaces, such as HDMI , VGA, DVI interface, and can even achieve 

extended transmission up to 4K resolution.


Therefore, Type-C will most likely replace the interface market currently on the market.