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When the Charger is not charging, will it consume electricity when plugged into the socket?


When the Charger is not charging, will it consume electricity when plugged into the socket?


When the Charger is not plugged into the socket while charging, it will not only consume electricity, but also pose a very big safety hazard. Let's talk specifically about why there are security risks in the end. And

how much power did it consume?


Even if our home appliances are turned off, if the power plug is still connected to the power socket, the electrical appliances are still in the state of power consumption, resulting in waste of electricity.


In fact, we often connect the mobile phone Charger to the power supply when it is no-load, but it still consumes electricity. Although this kind of socket consumes very little power, statistics show that if one-eighth

 of the nearly 1 billion mobile phone users do not unplug the Charger, the power can be enough to simultaneously operate 6,000 household air conditioners.


What we have to know is that if our mobile phone Charger is not unplugged, if there is a problem with our mobile phone Charger, there is a safety hazard, and spontaneous combustion may occur.


Finally, the editor gives you some suggestions for charging mobile phones:

1. Choose a Charger with good quality. Our Connexions Chargers are of very good quality and high cost performance.

2. We recommend that if you charge it, you must charge it at no less than 20%, which will have a negative impact on our mobile phone batteries.

3. We suggest not to charge the battery overnight. Charging the battery overnight may still have a great impact on the phone.

4. Charge as you use it, so you can adequately maintain the battery of your phone.