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What to do if the Ethernet Cable is not long enough or is disconnected midway?


What to do if the Ethernet Cable is not long enough or is disconnected midway?


Many people are wondering what to do if the Ethernet Cable is not long enough or is broken? This is also the case in actual projects. The Ethernet Cable is short or interrupted. Rewiring is 

obviously costly and labor-intensive, so how to solve it? Let's take a look together today.


1. Twisting method

Ethernet Cable is also a transmission electrical signal, so Ethernet Cable  can be connected manually like a wire. The most primitive, simplest, and roughest connection method; strip the 8 

core wires of the Ethernet Cable separately, and each core wire is tightly twisted. Two Ethernet Cables of the same wire sequence are entangled with each other and passed through insulating

 tape Perform winding.


2. The wiring method

In the use of the Ethernet Cable, it will inevitably be broken or bitten by a mouse if it is used for a long time. If it is broken, what do the communication personnel do?

You can use a wire to connect the 8-core Ethernet Cable . It is a connection method that is more commonly used for broadband maintenance. It is long used for scenarios where the network cable 

is bitten by a mouse and local extension; it is easy to implement, only need to insert the two ends of the network cable. The adapter can be fixed, and the 100M network can only be connected with 1,

 2, 3, and 6 four-core copper wires. For Gigabit, all 8 Ethernet Cables are required to be connected. Therefore, you need to prepare at least 8 adapters (wires), and the method of use is relatively simple, 

but there are some precautions: peel off both ends of the Ethernet Cable that needs to be extended to expose 3-5 cm. Please pay attention to the color difference of the Ethernet Cable. , When connecting,

 you need to connect one by one, and you can't connect randomly.


3. The connection head method

 You can also use the Ethernet Cable connector to connect, make a crystal plug at one end of the network cable that is not long enough, and plug it directly into the connector. On the other end, connect another

  Ethernet Cable with a crystal plug. Using the connector, the method to solve the problem that the Ethernet Cable is not long enough is simple and the cost is not high. It can be said that the connector method 

is the simplest and more practical method.


Of the above three methods, the Ethernet Cable connector method is the most trouble-free, just connect a connector directly, and it is very practical. Of course, the wiring method is also very good and stable. 

These two methods are often used to solve the problem of insufficient network cable length in actual projects.